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Cantos Sagrados

(Signum, 2004)

Choral works, sacred and secular, by James MacMillan
Available through Signum’s website.

Divo Aloysio Sacrum **
The Gallant Weaver
A Child’s Prayer
Seinte Mari Moder Milde
Tremunt Videntes Angeli *
Cantos Sagrados
Christus Vincit
So Deep *

* first recording
** first commercial recording

♦ “Highly attractive…hugely enjoyable” (Time Out)
♦ “A must for MacMillan fans, and a particularly accessible introduction for those unfamiliar with his music…The performances are exquisite…highly recommended” (MusicWeb)
♦ “Robust yet tonally refined performances” ***** (BBC Music Magazine)
♦ “One for every choir conductor looking for new repertoire to check out” (Musicalpointers)
♦ “Sam Laughton’s Elysian Singers perform here with captivating intensity, thrillingly so in Cantos Sagrados” ***** (Classic FM)
♦ “Subtle, disciplined and radiant…The current absence of alternative recordings of most of these pieces makes this album even more worthy of recommendation” (Gramophone)
♦ “Magnificent…a superb rendering of Tremunt videntes angeli, a lovely Gallant Weaver; and above all, Cantos Sagrados” (Church Times)
♦ “An engaging CD, praised by the composer as a good interpretation of his work, that should appeal to a wide audience” (SPNM)
♦ *** (Penguin Guide)
♦ “The Elysian Singers perform this often difficult work with clarity, precision and emotional punch” (American Record Guide)