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One Equal Music

(Signum, 2019)

Psalms, Poems and Folksongs by James MacMillan
Available through Signum’s website

Blow the trumpet in the new moon *
Children are a heritage of the Lord
Domine non secundum peccata nostra
One equal music *
To my successor *
When you see the millions of the mouthless dead *
Lassie, wad ye loe me?
Domus infelix est *
Ave maris stella
Cecilia virgo
* first recording

♦ “Throughout this recording, The Elysian Singers under Sam Laughton are excellent, rising to every challenge that James MacMillan poses and coming out shining. They set a very high standard in their earlier recording of his music, but here they surpass it… on this evidence, fifteen years is much too long to wait for a follow-up disc…This is a very fine disc and a must for any follower of the music of James MacMillan” (MusicWeb)
♦ “A fine choral disc…well worth a listen” (Fiona Maddocks/The Guardian)
♦ “An impressive recording overall. A case, perhaps, of ‘first among equals’” (Gramophone)
♦ “A strong choice for listeners wanting to sample MacMillan’s music…[with] many nice touches…The Elysian Singers have some texture to their sound quality, maintaining text intelligibility in the acoustically resonant environment…Recommended” (AllMusic)
♦ “The Elysian Singers under Sam Laughton comfortably take everything here in their stride in a well-conceived collection…Sustained textures are especially well controlled…and, throughout, there is a welcome balance between clarity and resonance” **** (BBC Music Magazine)
♦ “Rounded, bright tone…a fine introduction to MacMillan’s oeuvre” ***** (Choir & Organ)

Samples may be found here.

The composer has given an interview about the CD (available below).

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