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Choral Masterpieces of Germany and Austria

    at Colchester Town Hall

    Elysian Singers @30: Psalmfest #6

Part of the Roman River Festival
Nicolai: Psalm 97
Schubert: Psalm 92
Schütz: Herr, auf dich traue ich
Schütz: Nicht uns Herr
Schütz: Psalm 49
Schein: Wende dich, Herr
Schein: Dennoch bleibe ich stets
Mozart: Laudate Dominum
Haydn M: Domine Deus
Bruckner: Os justi
Mendelssohn: Richte mich, Gott
Bach JS: Singet dem Herrn

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From the 17th century Schütz to the 19th century Bruckner, the German-speaking lands produced some of the most impressive and enduring psalm settings in the repertoire: including such well-known pieces as Mozart’s ‘Laudate Dominum’ but also some rarities such as a Hebrew setting by Schubert. The crowning glory is Bach’s motet ‘Singet dem Herrn’ but he is well supported by fellow Leipzigers Heinrich Schein and Felix Mendelssohn.