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Symphonies of Psalms

    at St John's Smith Square

    Elysian Singers @30: Psalmfest #10

Thirtieth anniversary concert featuring a selection of lavish orchestral settings.
Elgar: Give unto the Lord
Bruckner: Offertorium
Judith Weir: Psalm 148
Bernstein: Chichester Psalms
Vaughan Williams: O clap your hands
Holst: Psalm 86
Elgar: Great is the Lord
Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms
Download the programme (4 MB file)

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Our journey concludes with the greatest of the 20th century settings of the Psalms. Elgar’s two complete psalms ‘Give unto the Lord’ and ‘Great is the Lord’ are rarely heard in their full orchestral setting, and are well supported by rarities by Vaughan Williams and Holst. No Psalmfest would be complete without Bernstein’s ever-popular ‘Chichester Psalms’: and what better way to end than with Stravinsky’s masterpiece, ‘Symphony of Psalms’ and its deceptively ecstatic setting of Psalm 150.