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Music for Passiontide

    at The Rosary Shrine

    Music for a season of penitence

Alonso Lobo: Versa est in luctum
Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings
Allegri: Miserere
Leighton: Drop, drop, slow tears
James MacMillan: Stabat Mater
Image © Can Stock Photo / artitcom

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We are delighted to be returning to this vast and beautiful Catholic Church to perform our patron James MacMillan’s powerful ‘Stabat Mater’ for choir and strings, composed for The Sixteen in 2015 as a companion piece to his ’Seven Last Words from the Cross’. In the words of Paul Spicer: ‘It matters little whether those taking part are practising Christians or of no faith, the sheer humanity which pours from these pages cannot fail to move each and every one, as it does the audience who witnesses it. … This is a masterpiece by anyone’s reckoning.’ Also included are a beautiful work by the Renaissance Spanish composer Alonso Lobo, and two of the most popular and moving works in the repertoire: Barber’s Adagio for Strings and the Allegri ‘Miserere’.